An interactive, Python-powered validator of XForms documents of all sorts. Works with multiple host languages.

This information is in part taken from the O'Reilly book XForms Essentials. Used with permission.

Mixed-namespace Checking

This online tool provides several checks of various contents of XForms documents, including:

  1. Scanning for namespace-related errors, unfortunately commonplace in XML development
  2. Performing "lint"-like checks for suspicious, but technically legal code
  3. A robust check of ID/IDREF connections, even if these aren't properly DTD-declared
  4. Relax NG validation of individual "islands" of XForms content within the host document

Please report any bugs, problems, or success stories. Be sure to include the URL you are validating.

Online Document Checker

Use this form to check XForms documents on the web: (coming soon: file upload and textbox entry)

Sample Queries

If you don't have any XForms documents handy, try these:

XForms Validator Bookmarklet

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Intranet Version

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