This information is in part taken from the O'Reilly book XForms Essentials. Used with permission.

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To continue your XForms education, you have several options, including professional training. If there is a topic you think should have been covered better on this site, let us know.

Visit the links in the sidebar for more resources, including an offical XForms FAQ and transition guide for HTML authors.

Finally, consider picking up some printed books. Here's what we recommend:

XSLT: Programmer's Reference This book has a great XSLT reference
CSS: The Definitive Guide The best reference on CSS
XML Schema The best reference on W3C XML Schema
XHTML: The Definitive Guide Thorough reference to HTML and XHTML
XML in a Nutshell Good background reference for XML in general
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide This is the reference we use daily for all things JavaScript
Oxford Dictionary of Quotations Recommended as a source of epigraph quotes

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