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Common Attributes

The techniques in Modularization of XHTML provide a mechanism to assemble and name common groups of attributes that can be easily referenced. The following sections describe these attribute groups.

A number of situations in XForms call for a reference into instance data. The term for such attributes is binding attributes, which include up to three attributes from this list:

It's worth noting that the term binding, as used in XForms, can refer to two separate things. UI Binding occurs on an attribute of a form control element, and binds the form control to a particular model item. In dynamic forms, the association to a model item can jump around, causing the form control to be a window to different parts of the data at different times. The other use of binding, Model Binding, occurs on the element bind, selecting an entire node-set to which a set of model item properties gets applied. It is a serious problem to have a dynamic model binding expression, since that complicates life behind-the-scenes for an XForms Processor, which can cause difficult-to-detect errors.