This information is in part taken from the O'Reilly book XForms Essentials. Used with permission.

About this site

This site features accurate, interactive lessons in the W3C's XForms Technology.

Interactive lessons are provided through a tiny Flash plugin that implements a large percentage of XForms, XHTML, and CSS level 3. Readers that do not have Flash available will still be able to benefit from the tutorials, however the examples will not work.

Readers who would like to study real-world examples of XForms in action are encouraged to follow the "View Source" links found throughout the site, to see real-world use of XForms, warts and all.


This site has been designed to work on all relatively modern browsers, uses 100% accessible CSS for layout, and loads quickly even over a modem connection. For your browsing convenience, this site has a policy of no forcibly opening new browser windows.

This site was made primarily on a Mac with jEdit. Graphics were done with Corel Draw and PhotoPaint 11. The CSS design is based on CSS Zen Garden, specifically Bonzai Sky by Mike Davidson.

The XForms Logo

The small graphic you see next to each heading means "field", and is the unofficial logo of W3C XForms.